Monday, January 17, 2011

NECA Sark Figure

In 2002, for the 20th anniversary of Tron, NECA released a series of action figures that are essentially re-issues of the the original 1980s Tomy figures with new backboards.
Though these figures have almost no articulation, and the sculpts bear almost no resemblance to the actors who played the characters, they have a certain charm.  I'm a big fan of David Warner who played Sark and this is a fun representation of the character.  It's retro and making these toys from translucent plastic was a clever and inexpensive way to reflect the amazing glowing effect from the original Tron film.

If you're a Tron fan your collection wouldn't be complete without least one of the figures from this series.  They're beginning to become more and more rare but they're still out there.


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