Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tron: Legacy on Blu-ray

Tron: Legacy was released on blu-ray on Tuesday.  Several different versions are available including one that's packaged with a new blu-ray edition of the original Tron.  I elected to get the two-disc DVD/blu-ray combo in 2D.  There's a 3D version as well but, frankly, I sort of think 3D TV is a dumb idea.  For the amount of content that's available it's not something I'm willing to invest in.
I have to say I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of bonus features.  Most of what's on the disc has already been leaked online.  I was hoping for many more interviews and featurettes about the design elements and visual effects of the film.  Disney has always been a little wary about revealing too many secrets about their productions.  I think it's unfortunate.  I like when the filmmaking process is totally transparent.

Lack of features aside, the film looks fantastic on blu-ray.  In order to maintain the original aspect ratio of the scenes shot for IMAX, the ratio sometimes changes.  I thought this would be really distracting but I actually barely noticed and most people probably wouldn't at all.

As a little added bonus from the Disney Movie Club this month, I received this sheet of Tron: Legacy stickers.  I'm not sure what I'll do with them but they're kind of cool!


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