Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tron 30th Anniversary Screening

Here's some good news for any Users in the Hollywood area!  On October 27th, the Grauman's Chinese Theatre will host a 30th anniversary celebration for Tron!

The event begins at 7pm with a filmmaker panel.  Many of the original cast and crew are expected to attend.  Following the panel, the film will be screened.  After that, there is a party in a "Tron-themed cyber-world inside the new Chinese Theatre ballroom."  There will be musical performances by artists who were inspired by Wendy Carlos' score.  

The lobby of the theatre will also have a display of artifacts from the original film!

If anyone attends, please send me some photos so everyone can enjoy the experience vicariously. 
Tickets are on sale this weekend for $40 (up to $50 on Monday) or $100 for VIP access.

They've set up a nifty new website at  It has some new graphic art for the 30th celebration with accompanying music and sound clips from the film.  The link to buy tickets is on the site.

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