Thursday, December 16, 2010

CLU Core Figure

One of the first wave of core figures by Spinmaster for Tron: Legacy is CLU.
CLU is a great character.  In the original Tron we see him briefly as Flynn's avatar when he's trying to hack into the MCP.  He seems to be back for Tron: Legacy and I look forward to seeing what role he has to play.
As with the other core figures, CLU features internal lighting that's activated by pressing a button on his back.  The sculpt of this figure is great.  All the details of the costume seem accurate and because he's helmeted, this figure doesn't have the problem of capturing the actor's likeness like the Sam Flynn core figure does.
The articulation is as good as the Sam Flynn figure; with great range of motion in the arms and legs.  That makes these figures really playable for kids but their design is equally good for collectors.
CLU comes with a cool katana that I can't wait to see in action in the film (tomorrow!) and an ID Disc.  He also comes with an appropriately orange ID Disc display stand.  

When I opened my CLU figure it was damaged and the head fell off!  I called Spinmaster's customer service department and spoke with a wonderful rep named Shaunna.  She collected the serial number from the figure and my information and quickly arranged to send me a replacement.  It really impressed me that Spinmaster has these processes in place.  It was great customer service which makes me more likely to keep coming back as a customer.

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