Monday, December 20, 2010

D23 Comic-Con Display

Back in 2009, D23 brought a fantastic display of props and costumes to the San Diego Comic-Con. Included were pieces from Black Hole (which I love!), The Rocketeer, Sky High and, of course, Tron. The only costume from Tron still in the Disney archives is one of Bruce Boxleitner's Tron suits.  Here are some photos of it in the display.
The shoulder armour on these costumes was made from Jofa motocross pads.  I think it's cool that you can still see some of the orange peeking through the paint.  It's amazing the kind of creativity that went into creating these costumes on a budget.
This ID Disc is foam covered with molded latex.  It's beginning to deteriorate but it's still really cool!


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