Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sam Flynn Core Figure

One of the six wave one core figures produced by Spinmaster for Tron: Legacy is Sam Flynn.
As with the other figures in this series, Sam Flynn has internal lighting that can be activated by pressing a button on his back.  
The sculpt of the body is quite good.  They did a great job of capturing the details of his suit.  The hands aren't accurate as the figure features full gloves where the actual suit only has part of the hand covered.  Also the head is a bit weird.  It doesn't look anything like Garrett Hedlund. Something about the helmet is a bit off as well.  I think maybe if it had a blue-tinge instead of being totally transparent it might look better.
There's great articulation through the arms and legs.  The figure comes with a battle baton and an ID Disc as well as the ID Disc display stand.  The accessories are well-designed and I love the base!
All in all, for a figure of this size, the detail is the best you could ask for.  It looks pretty great!


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